Ana & Paulo's Wedding - 10.28.2016

Pili Lani Events pulled off another great event once again. Ana and Paulo's wedding was held at the historic Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco. Over 150 guests flew in from the Philippines to be part of this couples special day. They wanted to go with a single shot photo booth template in black and white. Check out the gallery to see more!!

Khanh & Trinh's Wedding - 10.1.2016

You know how they say that food is one of the few things that people remember about a wedding? Well the food at Khanh and Trinh's wedding was sooo good it has been haunting my taste buds ever since. And this bunch knew how to party!! Khanh and Trinh decided to go with a 4 shot template with an image of themselves in the middle. See all the fun from their event in the gallery.

Sunday Funday Photography

I finally attended the amazing Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Festival this weekend! I have been wanting to go to this festival for a few years but waking up at 3:30am on a weekend wasn't my cup of tea. This weekend my husband and I stayed in Sonoma to celebrate his birthday which gave us the perfect chance to go! Watching them fill the balloons with air and then stand them up was a really cool sight. It takes a handful of people to get them going but it was actually quite fast and easy. Thanks Sonoma for the fun and relaxing weekend!